Maverick 10-30 KVA ( Output PF 1 )

Modular online UPS delivering the best combination of reliability, hot-swappable and flexibility. Designed with the latest IGBT three-level technology and DSP control.

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Product benefits

Ease of installation and maintenance due to its hot swappable feature

Smaller size due to its inverter design technology

High efficiency with energy-saving ECO mode

Low distortion to utility power

User-friendly and programmable

Scalability and redundancy

Modularity for flexible service

Extends battery lifespan

High uptime

Maverick 10-30 KVA ( Output PF 1 )


  • Modular UPS with slots for internal batteries (hybrid)
  • True on-line double conversion technology
  • High reliability design based on IGBT modules in rectifier & inverter
  • Pure sine wave output
  • Paralleling option up to 2 units
  • High-input power factor: >0.99 ; Low-input THDi: <3%
  • Output power factor: 1
  • Hot Swap Plug-In Module
  • Strong load adaptability for linear and non-linear loads
  • Intelligent module and system protection design
  • Low noise generation
  • Double DSP (Digital Signal Processor) controller for independent control of each power module, no single-point of failure
  • Battery cold start module
  • Built-in switch for cabinet input, output and maintenance connection
  • Large graphic touch-screen LCD
  • Independent charger for batteries
  • Intelligent battery management system
  • Digital paralleling technology; very low circulation current between modules
  • Totally front access, top and bottom cable connections
  • Each individual module is configured with independent controller; avoids single-point failure risk
  • User-friendly generator interface
  • Optional: SNMP card, battery temperature compensation module, parallel kit



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