Compact Datacenter

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Product benefits

Provides communication redundancy through SNMP card via LAN/WAN and cellular modem

External side mounted air conditioner to optimize internal space and ease of maintenance

Ease of access to cabinet interior for equipment installation and maintenance

Designed to protect sensitive equipment from external agents

Compliant with EIA-310D, IP-62, and NEMA standards

Remote administration via SMS and e-mail

Ideal for small environments or remote sites

Compact Datacenter


  • Designed for a maximum load of 6 KVA
  • Cabinet constructed with cold, rolled steel sheet and coated with high-strength electrostatic paint, includes front and rear hermetic doors made of galvanized steel
  • Cabinet includes: double safety locks, access controls per door, studs to allow perfect adjustment of equipment, grommets, and lateral cable access
  • Rack-mounted UPS for electrical protection with modular growth capacity
  • Rack-mounted PDU for an organized electric distribution
  • Side-mounted 3 KW cooling system (PC Series), engineered for continuous operation, controlling the temperature inside the cabinet through sensors
  • Emergency fans powered by the UPS to back-up the cooling system in case of over temperature or power failure
  • Fire detection and suppression system includes: Control panel, two photoelectric detectors, manual release and abort switches, stroboscopic lights, suppression cylinder containing environmentally friendly clean agent, piping and discharge nozzles
  • Monitoring system for all elements of the Compact Datacenter, which send notifications via SMS and e-mail for a remote administration
  • IP security system including one camera per door for physical control



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