Telecom Applications TM Series

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Product benefits

Meets ANSI /AIARS-310-D, DIN4149, PARTE, IEC60297-2, DIN41494, PART7, and GB/T3047.2-92 standards, compatible with 19” international standards, metric standards, and ETSL standards

Fine and sober appearance, precision-sized and crafted matching the user’s computer room perfectly

Doors perforation enhances ventilation and external observation of the technological equipment

U-column for an easy installation of other power distribution modules

Comfortable side spaces for adequate cable management

Telecom Applications TM Series


  • Maximum static load: 1300 kg
  • Ventilation rate: 75%
  • Convex-type, high-density mesh gate
  • Integrated assembly structure design with an adjustable equipment installation U-column in the front and rear
  • Can be equipped with casters and support feet
  • Multiple closeable wiring openings in the upper and lower parts of the cabinet
  • Efficient and solid cabinet parallel connection
  • Front and rear doors with advanced spin locks
  • Side doors with spring-buckling lock for easy installation without tools
  • SPCC good quality, cold-rolled



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