We are the catalyst to help you reach New Frontiers,  by boosting your business’s growth, while helping you to achieve Peace of Mind.

We strive to develop win-win, long-lasting True Partnerships, through reliable cutting edge solutions for mission critical applications.


Sy-G brings a ground-breaking, enthusiastic and energized attitude into a mature industry. Our products and solutions are envisioned to empower and inspire all Stakeholders to step out of conventional business relationships and transform their businesses. We build our company around a “customer-centric culture” designed to generate competitive advantages across the entire value chain.


Sy-G is committed to cultivating win-win relationships with our Stakeholders. We prioritize the development of long-term integral relationships sharing a common purpose and striving for shared goals. We innovate together with our customers by developing products and solutions that help build and grow their businesses while securing them a thriving financial future.


Sy-G strives to develop and support the most professional, knowledgeable, and service-focused Lead Climber network. A Lead Climber is a local technology integrator, with ample experience and reputation, that has been carefully selected as Sy-G’s exclusive representative for a given territory. We understand that each market is unique with its own individual requirements and technical specifications. We respect and appreciate the local idiosyncrasies as it is our priority to design and supply customized solutions specific to the needs of each market.


Sy-G is a world-class vendor providing reliable and cutting-edge products and solutions supporting business continuity. Our priority is to guarantee the highest availability for mission-critical applications, such as: Data centers, telecommunications, government, health services, financial services, retail, education, oil and gas, mining, amongst others. Our product portfolio complies with international standards and is designed to meet and even exceed the industry’s best practices.


Sy-G Holdings Corp. and Sy-G Latam Corp. are group companies.

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E-mail: info@sy-g.com
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