“Compact Datacenter” is built with a galvanized steel chassis with hermetic front and back doors, each with individual access control keypads. The cabinet meets IP-62 standard for external agent protection.

“Compact Datacenter” integrates a rack-mount UPS that supplies adequate and reliable clean power. It is also equipped with either a vertical or a horizontal mount PDU for convenient power distribution.

“Compact Datacenter” guarantees proper temperature to sensitive equipment through an air conditioner located in the outside of the cabinet, in order to avoid fluid leakage and provide more internal space. The HVAC system includes temperature sensors connected to four fans for redundancy and contingency. The fans are powered by the UPS for continuous operation.

“Compact Datacenter” includes two anti-vandalism IP cameras with intelligent motion detection function and monitoring software with digital recording system. It is also equipped with an automatic fire detection and suppression system with HFC-125 clean agent.
Integrating all of the above-mentioned elements, “Compact Datacenter” is controlled through a Management and Monitoring System that notifies events via email or SMS.

Through this innovative solution, Sy-G Corporation supports its customers to reach for new frontiers!



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