After thoroughly completing the customer’s strict technical specifications and presenting their offer, Sy-G’s Business Partner in Ecuador, FIRMESA, was awarded the iconic project.

Firmesa’ s tender proposal comprised on a three stage project: Design and Bidding, Project Execution, and Post-Sale Preventive Maintenance Contract.

Claro awarded the project to FIRMESA, as their proposal was considered the most complete, well presented and financially competitive. The project execution was deployed in two phases, the first one being completed in November 2011, and the second one in December 2013; both within schedule and to the complete satisfaction of the customer. Currently, FIRMESA holds a Preventive Maintenance contract with CLARO.

Sy-G is proud to share that this project was primarily equipped with its products, highlighting the cooling system that includes 17 units of its Perimetral Precision Air Conditioners (Indoor & Outdoor units), each with a 100 KW capacity. Also, Firmesa installed 2,422 square meters of Sy-G’s raised-access flooring system (i.e.: Cement filled mission-critical panels, understructure and accessories), with a finished floor height of 90 centimeters.

Sy-G® is proud to continuously support its Business Partners, companies such as FIRMESA in this type of high impact projects. Always looking forward to being part of stories of success, building the future shoulder by shoulder.
Congratulations to FIRMESA Industrial Cia. Ltda.



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